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About us

In today’s world, where faith faces great challenges, it is important to draw the attention of the Armenian society to the interconnected notion of faith and deeds, in the interest of making the vitality of faith appreciable, by taking up good deeds and at the same time by strengthening and developing faith, and also for developing and implementing ideas based on it.

In this world, or in our digital age, expressing faith and living with faith seems like an impossible challenge. Therefore, “Holy Mother of God Home” Foundation, under the patronage of the Mekhitarist Congregation and the Pontifical Legate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Western Europe, has initiated to form a crossroads of ideas, where through comprehensive discussions it will present to the society its vision of living and strengthening a life of faith.

The project is called “Faith and Deeds” because in every person’s life faith is strengthened and nourished by prayer and becomes tangible through works.

The Mekhitarist Congregation in Venice was proposed as a venue for discussion, considering the centuries-old tradition of passing to the public its “faith-deeds” notion, and the importance of continuing and applying this tradition today.

The meeting will be attended by representatives from the clergy, intellectual, business, social and charitable circles.

The clergy and intellectuals will guide us to a better understanding of how to have faith in the modern world, to do good deeds that express that faith, and to re-perceive, nurture, strengthen and develop our faith through charity. This point of view will be covered by practical examples from different historical eras. Meanwhile, businessmen will give actual evidence in this regard, drawing from their own life experience and current historical moment.

The discussions will be accompanied by 4 topic sessions, each of which will have its own coordinator. The latter will actively involve other participants in the meeting while presenting the relevant topic.

The project is held annually.